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About Wooden Gate Locks


Looking for high-quality wooden gate locks that stand the test of time?

Urban Barriers Direct supplies a wide range of gate locks for wooden gates including Gatemaster locking bolts, digital wooden gate locks, slotted lock plates, and more.

Crafted with precision and designed to complement the aesthetic of your wooden gates, our selection offers both security and style.

Whether you seek traditional padlocks or modern digital solutions, we have the perfect match for your needs

Check out our range of wooden gate locks below!


What types of wooden gate locks do you offer?

As you can see from our extensive range below, we offer a diverse range of wooden gate locks including traditional padlocks, digital locks, combination locks, and much more. Each type of lock serves a unique purpose and is available for specific needs and preferences of you, the customer. You can guarantee that you can find the perfect lock for your wooden gate.

Are your wooden gate locks weather-resistant?

Yes, you’ll be pleased to hear that the vast majority of wooden gate locks that we supply to our customers are weather-resistant. They are specifically designed to be weather-resistant which ensures reliable performance and reliability all year round. Even in the hardest of weather conditions, you can be sure that our locks are manufactured to stand the test of time. Our digital locks are highly recommended!

How do I choose the right wooden gate lock for my property?

Choosing the right wooden gate lock for your property involves considering several key factors to ensure it meets your specific needs and preferences. If you’re unsure on the most appropriate gate lock, don’t worry, as we are here to help. It’s always best to analyse your security requirements, as well as your gate material and design.

Do you provide installation services for wooden gate locks?

While we don’t offer installation services directly, we provide comprehensive guidance and support to ensure a smooth installation process for our wooden gate locks. However, we can provide detailed installation instructions that you can follow step-by-step to ensure comprehensive installation. We may even be able to refer you to local and trusted lock installers!

Why choose Urban Barriers Direct?

Urban Barriers Direct are proud to be your 5-star-rated gate lock company that supplies products from industry-leading manufacturers. If you require further information, you can get in touch with us directly.