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About Anti Climb Mesh Fencing Kits


Do you need a quality supplier of anti climb mesh fencing kits?

We are Urban Barriers Direct, a 5-star-rated company that will ensure you have everything you need in relation to security fencing including our industry-leading mesh fencing kits which are easy to install!.

We have an array of products available in different sizes and specifications suitable for a multitude of industries including schools, industrial units, and commercial businesses.

Mesh fencing kits are considered the best deterrents against unwanted visitors so it could be the perfect security option for your property.


What is an Anti Climb Mesh Fencing Kit?

An Anti Climb Mesh Fencing Kit is a security solution designed to prevent unauthorised access and deter climbing attempts. It typically consists of mesh panels, posts, fittings, and accessories specifically engineered to make climbing difficult or impossible. There are lots of different kits on the market so be sure to check out what we’ve got here.

Why purchase an anti climb mesh fencing kit?

Getting everything you need from one company in one kit is convenient and a great way of enhancing your security at your property. Overall, investing in an anti-climb mesh fencing kit is a proactive measure to enhance security, deter intruders, and protect property and people from potential threats or harm..

How big are your panels in your anti climb mesh fencing kits?

Generally, the panels themselves in our anti climb mesh fencing kits are 3 metres high by 2.5 metres wide. If you require other sizes then please contact us to arrange those.

What are some typical applications of anti climb mesh fencing?

Anti-climb mesh fencing is used in a variety of applications where security and perimeter protection are essential. Typical applications of this type of fencing can be found at schools, high security sites, industrial parks, business parks and more. Anti-climb mesh fencing is versatile and adaptable, making it suitable for a wide range of applications where security, safety, and perimeter protection are paramount.

How durable is anti climb mesh fencing?

The durability of anti-climb mesh fencing can vary depending on factors such as the materials used, the manufacturing process, environmental conditions, and maintenance practices. However, in general, anti-climb mesh fencing is designed to be highly durable and withstand various challenges over time.