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About Autolok


At Urban Barriers Direct, we work together with a variety of other companies in order to be able to provide you products that are of the finest possible quality at the most competitive prices. The history of one of our partners, Autolok, is outlined in this article in further depth.

With the introduction of the Autolok Original (Handbrake-Gear lever Lock) in 1985, Autolok Security became one of the pioneers of mechanical security in the United Kingdom and Europe. The Royton facility was where the device was conceived of, as well as where it was built

We currently specialise in security and parking posts, and we are always expanding our product offerings to include new lines for automobiles, garages, driveways, and motorcycles. Our Royton location is responsible for both the manufacturing and distribution of the Autolok product line.

Since 2010, the Brearley family has controlled the business. Current Managing Director David Brearley has spent the most of his 45-year career at the firm, rising through the ranks from apprentice engineer to Managing Director during that time.

After joining the firm, Paul Brearley assumed the role of Sales and Marketing Director for the Whole Autolok Product Line. His primary responsibility will be to steer the course of the business into the future.

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