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About Gate Closers


Do you need high quality gate closers to enhance the operation of your gates?

Urban Barriers Direct have a wonderful selection of automatic gate closers available at competitive prices.

For example, we stock a range of Gatemaster gate closers from hydraulic ones to weld-on ones.

Take a look for yourself or order today in a few simple clicks!


What is a gate closer?

A gate closer is a device designed to automatically close a gate after it has been opened, typically using hydraulic or spring mechanisms. You can shop our full range of gate closers on our website to find the perfect one for your needs and requirements. They also help to reduce strain on hinges from excess movement caused by external factors. 

How does a gate closer work?

Gate closers work by applying force to pull the gate closed after it has been opened. This force is usually generated by a hydraulic system or a spring mechanism, controlled by adjustments made to the closer. Different closers can have different specifications which operate in certain ways based on what you need it to do and your bespoke requirements.

How much do gate closers cost?

Urban Barriers Direct have some excellent gate closers that you can purchase from us directly today with prices ranging from £140 ranging to £350 but there are some that cost less than these and some that cost more. It really depends on the brand, the quality and the spec of the gate closer you select. The best thing to do is to chat to an expert team like us who can help you select the most suitable gate closer.

Do gate closers come in a variety of colours?

Yes, gate closers do come in a variety of colours which is perfect for if you’re trying to match it to your actual gate aesthetic. We have black, brown, grey and more available in stock right now and we are always looking to expand on our colour options to meet all requests.

What are some key features of ‘weld-on’ gate closers?

There’s a few key features to weld on gate closers. One is the weld on brackets which are adjustable. There’s also an oil dampened design to control the closing speed. No need to reduce gas either, simply move the strut along the slots in the brackets to adjust closing force. Functionality is appropriate for gates up to 80kg as well as so many other features and benefits. Ask us directly for more information.