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About Anti Climb Mesh Fence Panels


Are you in the market for quality anti climb mesh fence panels for your commercial premises?

If you are then it’s definitely worth chatting to our team here at Urban Barriers Direct as we have an abundance of products available. We cater for buildings and property of all scales and sizes so we’re guaranteed to have what you’re looking for, at the exact specification!

A popular anti-climb mesh fence panel is our 3 metre high by 3 metre wide mesh panel that is both strong and sturdy. They’re ideal for many applications and are delivered as a complete system. We would welcome your enquiries for these products with excellent mesh profiling.

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What are Anti Climb Mesh Fence Panels?

Anti Climb Mesh Fence Panels are specialised fencing systems designed to deter intruders from climbing over them. They are constructed with small mesh gaps that make it difficult for individuals to gain a foothold or handhold. Mesh fence panels are ideal for many different applications and are a very popular choice for many of our customers. 

What are the key features of Anti Climb Mesh Fence Panels?

These panels typically feature a narrow mesh design, with a strong steel construction build, anti-corrosion coatings, and are often topped with deterrents like barbed wire, rotating spikes or points. There are other specifications and features available so please browse our selection below to find out more.

Are anti climb mesh fence panels difficult to install?

The complexity of the installation can differ depending on a few different factors on site. The specific location where the fencing is for example might be difficult to get the materials in. The product itself might be heavier than others, or the fencing has more complicated features. Urban Barriers Direct supplies you with step-by-step instructions on how to install as we are a supply-only company.

Can Anti Climb Mesh Fence Panels be integrated with other security systems?

Yes, these panels can be integrated with CCTV cameras, motion sensors, alarm systems and more to provide comprehensive security coverage. Having all these security measures in place helps to maximise your security around your premises for your ultimate peace of mind.

Why choose Urban Barriers Direct?

Urban Barriers Direct are proud to be your 5-star-rated fencing security company that supply throughout the UK. Whether you’re seeking anti-climb mesh fencing panels for your school, industrial unit or warehouse, we are here to assist.