Anti-Climb Mesh Fence Security Panels (1.8m High x 2.5m Wide Urban)

From: £102.00 Exc Vat

Anti-Climb Mesh Fence Security Panels (1.8m High x 2.5m Wide Urban)

From: £102.00 Exc Vat

The DB-6 uses the same double bar design principle but a tad bit finer wire. Our goal was to offer an affordable solution that looked like a heavier family member.DB-6 offers a higher level of protection against cut-through and strong security against unauthorized invasion and intrusion.

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Description – Anti Climb Mesh

Anti-Climb Mesh At It’s Finest

Urban Anti-Climb Mesh Fencing is the ultimate in high security perimeter protection, this system is extensively used when defendable space is paramount, used throughout the world in varying applications.

Urban 358 is highly regarded as the most difficult mesh security fence to penetrate, providing an excellent defence against climbing and cut-through.

Mesh fencing panels are commonly used to secure the perimeter of commercial, industrial, and institutional properties. They create a physical barrier that deters unauthorised access and protects assets and personnel within the enclosed area.

Feedback from clients who have used this system have witnessed untold improvements to their premises and surrounding environment.

Urban Anti-Climb Mesh Fencing – Specification

  • Heights: 1.8m
  • Mesh Aperture: 75mm x 12.5mm
  • Horizontal Wires: 4mm @ 12.5mm centres
  • Vertical Wires: 4mm @ 75mm centres
  • Post Centres: 2.5mm
  • Width: 2.5m


Anti-climb mesh fencing panels are specialised fencing systems designed to enhance security and prevent unauthorized access to a premises or property. They offer a robust and effective solution for enhancing security and preventing unauthorised access to sensitive areas. Their durable construction, anti-climb design, and resistance to tampering make them a popular choice for various high-security applications.

  • Anti-Climb
  • Protects against cut-through
  • Increased delay factor
  • Excellent visibility
  • Vandal resistant
  • Compliments CCTV
  • Versatile
  • Cost effective

Typical Applications

Anti-climb mesh fencing panels find applications in a variety of settings where security is paramount. A great versatile security solution deployed across a wide range of applications, from protecting critical infrastructure and high-security facilities to securing commercial properties and public events. Their effectiveness in deterring intruders and enhancing perimeter security makes them a popular choice for various security-conscious environments.

  • High Security Sites
  • Schools
  • Industrial parks
  • Business parks


Anti-Climb Mesh Fencing Datasheet