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About Anti Climb Fence Posts


Do you require top quality anti climb fence posts to enhance the security at your property?

If so, look no further than Urban Barriers Direct as we have an abundance of products to suit all types of premises no matter what size, scale or specification.

The pre-galvanised steel product is excellently resilient and durable making it suitable for an array of applications. They have a dual layer coat of galvanising and powder coating only adding to the security properties. 

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What are Anti Climb Fence Posts?

Anti-climb fence posts are specially designed posts used in fencing to deter intruders from climbing over the fence. They often feature various deterrent mechanisms to make climbing difficult or impossible. They come in various sizes, materials, colours and more which we’d love to take you through should you get in touch with us. 

How do Anti Climb Fence Posts work?

Anti climb fence posts usually work by having features attached to them such as pointed tops, slippery surfaces and more to ensure it’s really difficult to climb. This enhances the security of your premises or property and lessens the chances of an attempted break in or intrusion.

Do you have any 5 star reviews for Anti Climb Fence Posts?

We are fortunate to have plenty of top reviews on our Google and TrustPilot which is something we are very proud of. Every project we work on is done with care, precision and in a bespoke fashion because we understand that no two properties are the same. Our collection of reviews are testament to our hard work so if you’d like a FREE quote for anti climb fence posts then please get in touch. 

Do Anti Climb Fence Posts require maintenance?

While anti-climb fence posts are designed for durability, periodic maintenance may be necessary to ensure their effectiveness. This may include inspections for damage, rust prevention, and occasional repairs or replacements. If you’d like a full maintenance plan then please get in touch with us. We will offer this advice anyway upon your next purchase.

Can I order today?

Yes, of course, you can order directly from our website in a just few simple clicks. All the information you need is on this page. However, if you have any further information you need help with, please call us at 01257 422 964.