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If you’re seeking a fast and effective wheel clamp used by professionals, look no further than Urban Barriers Direct.

Our triangular wheel clamp is heavy-duty and designed for fast and effective clamping.

Urban Barriers Direct works with Autolok to bring you top quality products at a price you’ll love. 

Triangular Wheel Clamp – Made In Britain.

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Why should I use a wheel clamp?

Wheel clamps are used for a variety of reasons and offer a number of benefits. One of the most predominant reasons they are used is for security purposes. Wheel clamps supplied by Urban Barriers Direct are highly effective deterrents against theft and unauthorised use of vehicles.

Moreover, wheel clamps are also commonly used for the prevention of unauthorised parking. For example, in private spaces, such as driveways, parking lots, or reserved parking areas. 

How do I choose the right size wheel clamp for my vehicle?

The wheel clamp that Urban Barriers Direct supplies fits all ranges of wheels from smallest car to small 4×4. If this fits your vehicle, our Autolok clamp would be a perfect fit.

The cover plate dimensions are the following: 630mm x 630mm x 590. Choosing the right size wheel clamp for your vehicle is crucial to ensure proper fit and effective security so if you are unsure of any dimensions or measurements, call Urban Barriers Direct for further assistance.

What security features should I look for in a wheel clamp?

When choosing a wheel clamp for your vehicle, it’s important to consider various security features to ensure optimal protection against theft or unauthorised use.

Here are some key security features to look for in a wheel clamp:

  • Heavy-Duty Construction – Select a clamp made from durable materials such as hardened steel or reinforced metal alloys. 
  • High-Security Locking Mechanism -Look for a wheel clamp with a secure locking mechanism that is resistant to picking.
  • Anti-Tamper Design – Choose a wheel clamp with an anti-tamper design that prevents unauthorised removal or tampering. 
  • Visible Deterrent – Select a wheel clamp with a highly visible and recognisable design that serves as a visual deterrent.

How does a wheel clamp work?

A wheel clamp works by physically attaching to your vehicle’s wheel, thereby preventing the vehicle from being moved or driven. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Attachment: The wheel clamp consists of two main components: a heavy-duty metal frame and a locking mechanism. The frame is designed to enclose a portion of the vehicle’s wheel, typically the front wheel or one of the rear wheels.
  • Placement: The operator positions the clamp around the wheel of the vehicle, ensuring that it covers a substantial portion of the wheel surface. The clamp is then secured in place using a locking mechanism, such as a padlock or integrated locking system.
  • Immobilisation: Once attached, the wheel clamp prevents the wheel from rotating freely, effectively immobilising the vehicle. Attempting to drive or move the vehicle with the wheel clamp in place would be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Why choose Urban Barriers Direct?

Urban Barriers Direct are committed to being your 5-star supplier of wheel clamps, in partnership with Autolok. Our dedication to excellence means that every product undergoes rigorous inspection before it reaches your door.

With nationwide delivery spanning the entire UK, obtaining our premium products is both convenient and hassle-free.

Furthermore, our exceptional warranties provide an added layer of protection to safeguard your investment.