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About Buffers


Looking for high-quality buffers to keep your gates and doors pleasantly quiet when operating?

Check out our amazing selection of door buffers and gate buffers.

Our prices are excellently competitive and we boast a range of products and services too.

The most popular buffer we have is the Gatemaster Gate Silencer Kit.

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What’s an example of a gate buffer product you have?

We have a brilliant silencer kit by Gatemaster that works as a buffer on your door or gate. A slam-proof solution, it is installed on the gate or door frame to stop your gate slamming when closed. The Gate Silencer Kit is supplied with a fixing system for easy fitting to most gates. You can check out this particular products and find out more here.

Can buffers come in different styles?

Yes, you can get buffers in a range of colours and finishes that will best suit the aesthetic you’re after. Shop our website and get in touch for more information on this. 

Why are gate and door buffers important?

Gate and door buffers help prevent damage to gates, doors, and surrounding structures caused by slamming. They also minimise noise disturbance and prolong the lifespan of the gate or door. Gate and door buffers contribute to safety by reducing the risk of accidents and injuries caused by slamming doors or gates. They also prevent fingers or clothing from getting caught in closing mechanisms.

Can you list the brand and product names you stock for buffers and more?

Yes of course we can list all the brand and product names we stock for buffers and other products. We’ve got, but are nor limited to; Autolok, Bolt On Locks, Boom Barriers, Digital Locks, Gate Locks and Latches, Gatemaster, Ground Anchors, Mortice Locks, Padlocks, Panic Hardware and more as well. 

Do you have any testimonials for buffer products?

We are lucky to have so many amazing testimonials for the buffer products that we supply and sell here at Urban Barriers Direct. These can be found on our Google profile as well as our website and social media channels. We welcome anyone to go and check them out because we’re very proud of what we do.