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About Panic Hardware


Urban Barriers Direct supplies emergency panic hardware solutions, delivered directly to your premises.

Our panic hardware solutions include quick exit shrouds, quick exit gate locks, and much more.

Panic hardware is typically installed on exit doors in commercial, public, and institutional buildings to ensure compliance with building codes and safety regulations.

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What is panic hardware?

If you’re seeking industry-approved panic hardware solutions for your premises or property, Urban Barriers Direct have got you covered. Panic hardware plays a critical role in emergency preparedness and building safety by providing a reliable means of egress for building occupants during emergencies. 

Moreover, panic hardware solutions help to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations related to emergency exits.

What are the benefits of using panic hardware?

Using panic hardware offers several benefits for commercial, public, and institutional buildings, as well as for the safety and security of occupants. 

A selection of key benefits include:

  • Enhanced Safety – Panic hardware enhances the safety of building occupants by providing a reliable means of egress.
  • Improved Security: Hardware solutions also enhance security by allowing quick exit in the event of a security threat.
  • Versatility: Panic hardware is available in a variety of configurations including different door types, sizes, and applications. 
  • Compliance with Building Codes: Many building codes and regulations require the installation of panic hardware on exit doors.

Overall, using panic hardware offers numerous benefits for building safety, compliance, accessibility, and security.

Where is panic hardware required by building codes or regulations?

Panic hardware is typically required by building codes or regulations in various types of buildings, especially those with high occupancy or public access.

Urban Barriers regularly supply to the following premises to ensure building codes and regulations are met:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Public Buildings
  • Healthcare Facilities 
  • Educational Facilities
  • Industrial Buildings
  • High-Rise Buildings

Overall, the specific requirements for panic hardware may vary depending on local building codes, regulations, occupancy classifications, and the type of building or occupancy.

Do panic hardware devices require professional installation?

Yes, of course. Panic hardware solutions will be required to be installed by a professional company near you. Unfortunately, Urban Barriers Direct is a supply-only company.

However, we have many partners and recommendations who may be able to install for you that we trust profusely. It is essential to consult with certified technicians for assistance with panic hardware installation.

Why choose Urban Barriers Direct?

Urban Barriers Direct is committed to being your trusted and reputable provider of panic hardware solutions, in collaboration with industry-leading brands and manufacturers.

Our dedication to excellence guarantees that all products undergo rigorous inspection before being delivered to you. With nationwide delivery spanning the entirety of the UK, obtaining our premium products is both convenient and hassle-free.