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About Padlocks


Looking for high security padlocks? Look no further than Urban Barriers Direct. 

We supply a wide range of high-security padlocks that are designed to safeguard your valuables with confidence.

Our extensive collection of security padlocks include wheel clamp locks, maximum security post padlocks, discus padlocks, and more. Security padlocks are available for a wide range of applications, from securing gates and storage units to locking up equipment and securing outdoor spaces. 

All security padlocks are designed to meet the highest standards of quality, security, and performance. 

Check out our extensive range below.


What types of security padlocks do you have available?

Here at Urban Barriers Direct, we have a wide range of security padlocks available. As you will see below, we have security locks for wheel clamps, wheel clamp brass padlocks, discus padlocks, and maximum security post padlocks. Explore our range today and purchase the most suitable padlock!

What material are padlocks made from?

Padlocks from Urban Barriers Direct are manufactured from a variety of materials, each offering different characteristics in terms of strength, durability, and resistance to environmental factors. Some common materials used in the construction of padlocks include stainless steel, brass, hardened steel, and aluminium.

How secure are your padlocks?

Urban Barriers Direct supplies only the most secure padlocks. High-security padlocks offer a robust deterrent against theft and unauthorised access. By selecting a padlock with features tailored to your security needs and using it in conjunction with other security measures, you can help protect your property and valuables with confidence.

Does the padlock come with keys or a combination?

Yes, of course. You’ll be happy to hear that all our padlocks come with keys or a combination. Many padlocks are operated using a key, where the locking mechanism is controlled by inserting and turning a physical key. These padlocks typically come with one or more keys included in the package when you purchase from Urban Barriers Direct.

Why choose Urban Barriers Direct?

If you’re looking for trusted and accredited padlocks, look no further than Urban Barriers Direct. We have been supplying padlocks throughout the UK for a diverse range of customers since 2007 and continue to offer an unrivalled service, partnering with industry-leading brands including Gatemaster and Autolok.